Prostatitis Diet And Health

Although usually taken for granted, food is a potent medicine. Like a drug, the ingredients contained within food have a profound influence on the body. Protein molecules embedded within certain food (such as wheat and sugar) can induce a migraine headache, exacerbate arthritis, provoke diffuse skin rash, or even aggravate the symptoms of prostatitis.

Avoid hot, spicy foods

The ingredients found in hot spicy foods are excreted in the urine. These foods irritate an inflamed prostate. Avoid them if you have prostatitis.

Avoid refined sugar

Sugar depresses the immune system by preventing white blood cells from doing their job- engulfing bacteria. In place of refined sugar, use the herbal sweetener stevia. Available in most health food stores, stevia contains only one tenth of a calorie per teaspoon.

Reduce fat

Inflammation aggravates prostatitis symptoms, so it makes sense to avoid foods that promote it, such as fat. In particular, avoid foods that contain saturated fat (animal fat)- the type of fat in junk food, meat and diary products. Lowering or avoiding fat in your prostatitis diet always brings you good results.

Avoid foods that increase uric acid

uric acid, a by product of purine metabolism, is excreted in the urine. If the uric level in the urine is too high (determined by a simple urine test), a uric acid crystals start to form. Reflux or uric acid crystals into the prostate can cause irritation and inflammation. Limit foods high in purine, such as meat and seafood, and drink enough extra fluid to produce two to three quarts  of urine daily. Also, drink fresh lemonade made with real lemon juice and sweetened with stevia, not refined sugar. Lemon juice in a prostatitis diet alkalinizes urine.

Try to avoid food that are allergic

Allergies because of food can cause prostatitis symptoms. Men with food allergies are usually unaware that foods (usually the ones they crave) may be causing their symptoms. Removing  food that provokes discomfort  from the diet can alleviate prostatitis symptoms.

Eat foods that reduce inflammation

certain foods decrease or relieve the symptoms of prostatitis by reducing inflammation. Increased oxidant damage within the prostate (caused by infection and inflammation) provokes the symptoms of prostatitis. Fresh fruits and vegetables (particularly the bright colored ones such as yellow squash, carrots, and blueberries) are a rich source of antioxidant vitamins and minerals. Antioxidant vitamins soothe the inflammatory changes caused by prostatitis. Eat at least five serving of fresh fruits and vegetables daily.

Food rich in soy protein (such as tofu, tempeh, and soy milk) dramatically decrease the incidence of prostatitis, at least in rats. Eat at lest two daily servings of soy protein, or take supplement of genistein.

An anti inflammatory molecule called prostagladndin E 3 is derived from omega 3 essential fatty acids contained in flaxseed. Flaxseeds are also packed with a nutritious fiber called lignan, which helps alleviate constipation, a potential cause of prostatitis. It is also a rich source of phytostrogens, which prevent prostate cancer. This article recommend using defattted flaxseed meal, which is available in most health food stores.

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